CADE Receiving and inspecting

CADE Receiving and inspecting

Once your CADE aquarium has been scheduled for pick up from our facility you will get a phone call and an email explaining what the next steps are.  One very important part of receiving your CADE aquarium is how it is inspected, notes on the delivery paperwork, and pictures of everything, including the paperwork before the delivery driver leaves!  You will be given a tracking number or BOL (Bill of Lading) which you can use on the carriers website to track your shipment.  We highly recommend that you track your shipment as it is in transit, even reaching out to the shipping company when you see it is getting closer to you, to see if they might be able to provide more accurate updates than what their website provides.   To track on their website you will need to select track using the "Bill of Lading Number" in the pull down menu.  Please keep in mind that the tracking will not show anything until the shipment has been picked up from the CADE facility by the freight company!
Below you will find the instructions and a video for receiving and unboxing your aquarium:
Upon receiving your CADE Aquarium, please immediately and carefully inspect your delivery for ANY shipping damages that could have occurred in-transit.  Attached are photos of how your shipment should look. The crates are stacked tank crate on the bottom, stand crate on the top, attached you will find pictures of your shipment before it leaves our warehouse.  We build out a custom pallet to hold the crates and make them easier for the shipping companies to pick up; if there is any damage AT ALL to any pieces of the shipment (including any promotional items) or any items missing. Please take photos and note ANY and ALL issues on the delivery paperwork, take a picture of the delivery paperwork, only then sign and accept delivery. DO NOT feel pressured to sign before all of these steps are complete!
Inspect for external damage first; torn areas, damaged edges or holes in the aquarium crate and/or the stand crate. Please also open the top of the aquarium crate and the top of the stand crate to inspect for internal damages, such as shattered or chipped glass. We understand that a portion of the inspection may not be able to be accomplished until you are able to un-stack the crates. Please do your best to inspect the outside when they arrive, and then un stack and inspect when you are able.
If damages are found, please take photos AND NOTE ANY AND ALL ISSUES on the delivery paperwork, and accept the delivery. Report any damages inside the crates within 48 hours of receiving the shipment, with pictures of the damage. If there is damage do NOT dispose of the crate before taking pictures and checking with us first!
Move your tank as close to the area where it will be installed in the crate, and be sure to inspect as you are opening the sides to prepare to remove the tank.  Once the tank has been removed from the crate we are no longer able to honor damages under the shipping guarantee.  
When should I refuse delivery?
Do not refuse delivery, please mark the delivery paperwork with any damages and accept the shipment. Take photos of any damages and submit them in reply to this email.
Delivery should only be refused when ALL parts of the shipment are completely damaged (display glass, sump and cabinet) or show irreparable damage; such as shattered glass. If one crate is damaged to the point that it needs to be refused, both crates must be refused! Your claim will not be able to be fulfilled if one crate is refused and the other is accepted!
If you miss your appointment and the freight carrier has to re-deliver your shipment, you will be charged a re delivery fee.
In the event that the freight company contacts you and states that the freight has fallen over in transit, and they offer the option to refuse the delivery sight unseen we ask that you refuse the delivery and immediately let CADE USA know.
Failure to follow any of the delivery instructions customer (you) May be responsible for additional charges incurred.
Part of the process of setting up your aquarium is ensuring that the stand is level before placing the tank on top and then checking again once the tank is on the stand to ensure that the entire thing (both pieces, tank and stand) are level.
Please let us know if you have any questions about any of the information here!


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