International Shipping

International Shipping

We absolutely do provide shipping around the world!

We launched this program at the beginning of 2019 and are now proudly serving customers all around the globe! 

Guarantee Restrictions: 

  1. Our arrive alive guarantee does apply to international orders! However, due to the high cost of international shipping at this time, your shipping charges will not be covered.
  2. Any DOA animals or products will be compensated through our PodPoints system, where you will have the full retail value of the product available for future orders.

Also, we cannot provide a free shipping option to customers outside of the US at this time. 

  1.  If your country requires import licensing or any paperwork pertaining to the shipment of any of our products, it is not the responsibility of AlgaeBarn LLC to inform you of the laws and regulations of your nation. 
  2. All Fees, Taxes, or Import tariffs must be paid by the customer in a timely manner for products to arrive alive
  3. We cannot refund Products or shipping costs for international items left in customs or import agencies offices

Finally, we are restricted from shipping entirely to the following locations: 

  1. Australia
  2. New Zealand
  3. Hawaii

 Due to restrictions on "foreign species" entering your borders.

However, please feel free to place an order from anywhere else worldwide and we will do our best to get it to you promptly and alive!

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