Package Never Arrived (Lost in Transit)

Package Never Arrived (Lost in Transit)

Can't Find Your Package?
Don't worry! If there is a delay in the your package, it tends to arrive within 2 days. In the meantime, here are some things to verify.

1) Check your mailbox or anywhere else you receive mail or with neighbors.

Carriers deliver differently, especially if the package is small enough to fit inside your mailbox.  Boxes might be at back doors, behind bushes, etc.

2) Check for a notice of attempted delivery.

This notice will tell you the steps you should take to receive your package. We do not request that carriers hold parcels at their facility.

3) Check that your shipping address is correct.

Let's make sure we shipped to the right address. The email that contains the tracking number will also contain the address we shipped to! You may also check your inputted shipping address under “Shipping Address:” on the View Orders page.

4) Give it 2 days.

Sometimes carriers incorrectly scan and mark packages as delivered while they are still in transit. If the package arrives with issues due to carrier mistakes, we have you covered.

5) Tried all of this? Reach out to us

If the carrier loses your packages or it arrives with a sufficient delay that directly causes the mortality of the animals, we still have you covered! Please read more about this in our AOA Policy and file an AOA Claim if appropriate.

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